Online Design Coaching for DIY’ers

Is your design all that it could be? You’re probably going to be spending tens — if not hundreds — of thousands of dollars on your project. Isn’t it worth getting some good design advice from a seasoned pro? I’ve been on design and software forums for almost twenty years, and see many people posting their designs, hoping to pick the brains of everyone else. But let’s be frank. The people who can give you the best advice do this for a living, and you need more help than can provided in a few well-meaning comments from other amateurs. I see some of these designs and think to myself, “Gosh, if they’d just put the kitchen over there, and flipped the bathroom over to the other side, they’d have a really great plan.” I see roof lines that are a mess, windows that are ill-proportioned for the house, rooms that will be difficult to get furniture into, weird uses of materials on the facade, or kitchens that have layouts that are practically unusable. Ack! Enough lipstick on pigs.

I’m offering a relatively inexpensive flat-rate consultation to help you get your own designs headed in the right direction. You send me your designs, either in Chief Architect format, or other other format (DWG or PDF), along with your thoughts and goals by e-mail, and we’ll have up to a two-hour online session where you’ll get a “crit session” similar to what my architecture professors gave me, with suggestions on how to improve your design. I will be kind, but frank. If I see opportunities that you have missed or problems that I see, I’ll tell you. You can ask any questions you want to, even about your project in general. If you later need to buy another hour or two, that can be arranged.

This might be great for design-build contractors who might aren’t completely self-confident about their design skills. Even if you haven’t gone to architecture school, you can now look like you have!

To arrange this counseling session, just call or e-mail me and we will find a mutually agreeable time. (No Sundays, however.) To make things easy, I ask for payment by PayPal in advance of the consultation. Just click the PayPal button below.

Type of session desired

NOTE: California Business & Professions Code Sec. 5536.22 requires a written contract between architects and their clients for architectural services, unless it is expressly waived by the client. Because the services you are requesting are very limited in scope and duration, we agree that proceeding with this PayPal transaction constitutes your waiver of a more extensive contract. However, if you request additional services, a written agreement will be provided.