I’ve worked with a number of architects who have done home remodels, and the only one I can recommend without reservation is Richard Morrison. [He] has a keen eye, a talent for designing to the special needs of his customer, and he gets all the details just right. And, of course, the work was beautiful. – Barak Y., San Carlos

Dear Richard, I have decided that the world’s most beautiful kitchen and the world’s most beautiful bathroom are both at our house. Do you think that’s a coincidence? Richard and I worked in the yard today, then soaked in our fabulous tub. Then we spent considerable time marveling over how beautiful our home is. We can hardly believe we live in such a fabulous house. Thank you so much for all you have done to help us express our aesthetic so tangibly.- Bonnie P., Los Gatos

We get so many compliments about the house and it is such a pleasure to live in. The layout is great – I would not change anything. – Cassandra S., Menlo Park

We must extend a huge thanks to the architect Richard Morrison and to the general contractor Eddie Rodiack for the spectacular jobs they both did. The fact that Richard found the wonderful spaces in the jumble of rooms the house originally had is truly amazing. – John C., Atherton

Thanks, Richard. We greatly appreciate your continuing commitment to the quality of the outcome, and your thoughtful and pleasant approach to design decisions. In this particular project, it seems like things keep coming up, and you’ve very helpfully handled a number of complications. – John M., Stanford

We’re almost down to the end — this is really great! Believe me, we are deeply appreciative of how quickly and smoothly this entire process has gone, and we have you and Larry (the contractor) to thank for it. THANK YOU! – Matt O., Redwood City

We are moving back into the house this weekend and frankly, we are delighted with the outcome of the project. We feel that we gained even more than we were hoping for. The house is bright and friendly, the rooms are not small, and the traffic flow works. – Daniela K., Palo Alto

I’d like to suggest Richard Morrison as an architect and interior designer who does spectacular home makeovers. He also specializes in smaller projects, such as kitchen & bath remodelings. An advantage of working with him is that he can do it all — from structural design to helping you pick out furniture. He may not be the cheapest design service around, but if you’re looking for someone who can take care of the headaches and give you a fabulous design to boot, he is worth talking to. He’s a good listener, and makes the process easy. Also, he will help you save money in your remodel. His experience is you will save at least the amount of his fees with his advice on appropriate products and ways to get what you want for less. If you’re considering even a minor remodel or update, I encourage you to call him and talk to him before you begin. I’ve known him for years and he’s consulted with me on several projects, including recently on adding a shower to a powder room. I would have never thought of his suggestions and his solution will cost me much less than I’d originally thought and will be a better solution. – Rebecca M., San Jose

Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know we went to the house with my parents on Sunday (yesterday); and think it looks FABULOUS! We are so impressed with how everything is turning out. My mom was thrilled! We can’t wait to move back. The house looks so perfect for us! Thanks and happy new year. -Jenny, Nivesh and baby Maya, Palo Alto

Your ears would be burning and face reddening if you could hear the number of “WOW’s” that we hear as people first enter our home. Most cannot believe that an Eichler can look so spacious and then when they see the new kitchen, there is more amazement. So……we tell them all about our excellent experience with you and with Chris and Larry. We do make a good marketing team but you do not need that ……I believe. – Peggy S., Palo Alto

I have had so many compliments from people…for you! Your design really transformed the house! I look forward to your seeing it…and eventually having a party/open house! – Carol L., Palo Alto

Hi, Richard, We finally had a wrought-iron railing made, and installed it this afternoon. I thought you’d like to see it, since it was your idea. We also just finished landscaping, including an irrigation system and a carmel-stone front walk to match the porch. We are thrilled with all of it, and love the house. Thank you so much for helping us. – Bill B., Carmel

We LOVE the house. It has exactly the look and feel that we wanted. We are using every square foot of the house, which is in striking contrast to the house in its previous configuration. We are EXTREMELY happy. Every detail we sweated over was completely worth it. Craig and Todd have been wonderful people to work with. We cannot say enough good things about them. Thank you for all your work on this project. Every re-work and re-draw you did for us has been greatly appreciated.We are so very, very happy. Please give a call when you are in the neighborhood. – Josephine C., Palo Alto

Hi Richard, I’ve been over at the house a lot lately and am just overjoyed with how it looks. We cannot wait to live there! – Becky E., Palo Alto

Thanks again for making our house so beautiful. We look forward to aging in such a lovely surrounding. – Helen G., Palo Alto

Every time I enter the new MBR, I think, “How glorious a space! Good job, Richard!” But this mantlepiece, such a small part of the whole project, carries a big emotional impact for me. So I thank you very much! – Susan B., Palo Alto

All five of us are enjoying our wonderful home, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work. I have been looking at a lot of new homes, and I’m very happy we used you. Thank you!!:) – Shawn H., Menlo Park

We JUST had the last counters installed in the house. We are down to the final final details! I cannot say this enough. The house is BEAUTIFUL! I am excited to say I will be living here for the rest of my life. – Fred L., Redwood City

[T]hanks for all your help on the house–after we moved back in, Lori went around for weeks grinning like a little kid on Christmas morning, and I keep finding new things to like. – Rich A., Redwood City

I am writing to let you know how much I love the house. Steve and I actually entertained on New Year’s eve with 9 people. A number that we would never have felt comfortable with in our previous ‘house’. We both felt a sense of such enjoyment, pleasure and ease in hosting, And the island is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for saying over and over again that it isn’t too big!

And they all loved our house.The flow and seamless transition from the 9′ to 8′ ceilings, the balance and flow of the rooms, the great room with the windows and the arches, and on and on.

So take care and THANK YOU again and again. – Lareen J., Cupertino

I will soon be selling my house and moving to a lovely large continuing care facility in Oregon. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did to make the house so totally liveable. There was not a single thing I would have had designed differently; everything was designed so well. It has been a joy living and entertaining here since the renovation was done and I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. It was a pleasure working with you and a joy living in the house you designed. – Rita R., Menlo Park