Generally the “BEFORE” is shown first here, followed by the current house as viewed from the street. You may get a better view by moving one step either way on the street. I suggest clicking on the full screen mode in the upper right corner of the street view.

You’ll see that I am happy to work in a variety of styles.

Menlo Park

A new Craftsman house that sold in less than 24 hours after being put on the market, breaking the price barrier for the neighborhood! (You may want to turn the sound down or off for this video. Sorry.)

Click here to see a whole house makeover!

Palo Alto

Here, aside from moving the fireplace, most of the first story remained. We built the second floor almost as an attic to keep the overall mass of the structure smaller.

Palo Alto

Pretty much a total rebuild!

Palo Alto

An innocuous stucco box was transformed into into an impressive Mediterranean home.

Palo Alto

We took an aging two-story Victorian cottage, and relocated it to the lot next door, adding on a large two-story addition in the back, a full basement below, and a pool with pool house.

Los Altos

The owners wanted something more elegant than their plain ranch house. Most of the existing floor and foundation was reused.


The stucco box was updated with wood shingle siding, and the house completely rearranged inside. A separate workshop was built, too.