Home design software can help, but it’s not enough…

Go into any large bookstore or computer store, and you’ll see an astounding number of computer software programs for home remodelers. And I know that people are buying these programs to help themselves design their own remodeling project. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed more and more clients coming to me with computer-drafted sketches, rather than the crude pencil sketches I’m used to seeing.

Are these software programs valuable? Do they really allow you easily draft your own design? Continue reading “Home design software can help, but it’s not enough…”

Why Don’t People Hire Professional Designers?

I recently came across a posting by a somewhat mystified architect on an Internet bulletin board for home remodeling. He posed the question: “Why don’t more people hire architects for their remodelings?” (The question would apply equally for interior designers, as well.) The comments from the public were enlightening and generally as follows: Continue reading “Why Don’t People Hire Professional Designers?”

Some Thoughts on Design-Build

Most homeowners embarking on a remodeling project are familiar with the traditional route of working with an independent design professional, such as an architect, to develop plans, followed by hiring a general contractor to build the project. Another route that has started appearing more frequently is the concept of design-build, where the designer and contractor are essentially the same company —  one-stop shopping!

But which is the right path for you? To help you understand the pro’s and con’s, this article will give you some thoughts to consider. Continue reading “Some Thoughts on Design-Build”

What Makes a GREAT Client

Many designers’ clients, my own included, often seem to have a lingering suspicion that they aren’t being a good client. Perhaps they feel that they’re being overly indecisive, and need some handholding to reassure them that they are “normal.” Although almost every designer has “client from hell” stories, in truth, the vast majority of clients are just fine. However, I thought it might be useful to describe some of the traits that make a GREAT client. This should be important to you, because great clients usually end up with great projects. And bad clients can sabotage a really outstanding design for themselves faster than a two-year old left alone with crayons and a clean wall. Continue reading “What Makes a GREAT Client”

Have some FUN with your Remodeling!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to push for a little more fun and whimsy with my remodeling projects. It’s sometimes a bit of a challenge to get clients to go along, though. Many are convinced that they will get eventually get tired of anything out of the ordinary and end up going with “safe” decisions that they think will stand the test of time  —  mostly because these decisions then will be invisible forever. Continue reading “Have some FUN with your Remodeling!”